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Meet and Greet

Back to School is just around the corner and we are busy getting the school ready for a new school year. There have been many improvements made to the building (upgraded electrical), the walkways and the parking lot. We have also added HEPA filters to each classroom to help keep everyone safe.

Our school is growing, and we wish to welcome several new families, students, and staff to EPA this year. To help everyone become acquainted, we are holding a “Meet and Greet” next Tuesday, August 31st in the afternoon, anytime from 1:00 until 3:00 pm.

To keep everyone safe, we will hold the event outside by our three tents (on the front

lawn). All participants are asked to wear a mask, even outside, and try to social distance.

Class lists will be available to view. During the afternoon, we will escort one student (per class) at a time into the building to choose their locker and desk and view their classroom. If they have their school supplies, we can help put the supplies away.

Access to the school this year will again be restricted to staff and students, so parents are asked to kindly remain outside. To help keep everyone safe, participants are asked to attend for only a short period of time – enough time for introductions and a short school tour.

We have prepared welcome bags for the students, and we look forward to your visit.


Heather Wyatt


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