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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What classes are available and what size are the classes?
    See below a brief description of our classes: Transition Class: The transition class is a half day program that maintains a low 1:3 teacher-student ratio with EA support. This class is designed for children who are school aged but who are not yet ready to participate in a typical classroom setting. Primary Class: Our primary classes maintain a 1:6 teacher-student ratio to better meet our students individual learning needs. The focus of the primary class is to help students build strong foundational knowledge of the core subjects: reading, spelling, writing, language and mathematics through evidence based Direct Instruction programing. Junior Class: Our junior classes maintain a 1:8 teacher-student ratio as students are more able to follow direction and work independently. The focus of the junior class is to expand and apply the concepts and skills they learned in the primary grades. Intermediate Class: Our intermediate classes maintain a 1:12 teacher - student ratio where students are preparing for learning at the secondary level. Students are engaged in inquiry- based learning where they make predications, research information using technology, and guide their own learning. Intermediate subject matter becomes increasingly more complex and students study history and geography.
  • What are the costs of tuition at EPA?
    At Edelweiss Private Academy, we have an annual rate for tuition, that is billed . This is also depending on whether additional costs are needed such as EA Support 1:1 , After Care, Before Care, etc. The final cost of tuition would be provided once the baseline assessment with TIPES is completed and the appropriate program decided. If you have any questions about tuition costs, please contact us via the " contact us" form. We would be happy to set up a phone call or zoom meeting to discuss any questions you may have. *TIPES ( Thinking in Pictures Educational Services), our sister company, conducts baseline assessments for all applicants wishing to pursue enrollment with Edelweiss Private Academy. *
  • How does the Application and Enrollment Process work?
    After you submit your Application Form on the EPA website, our administrator will contact you to set up a zoom meeting or phone call with the principal, to answer any questions you may have. From there, we will pass your application on to TIPES ( Thinking In Pictures Educational Services) to conduct the baseline assessment. TIPES is our sister company, they perform a baseline assessment for every student applying to EPA. The purpose of this is to determine the best course of action, in terms of program and placement, for the student. Our Intake Coordinator at TIPES will then contact you to set up a brief phone call and/or to book the baseline assessment. Once the baseline assessment is completed and the recommendation is provided, EPA will be in contact with you ( pending that is the route of placement decided) to provide you with our Enrollment Package. Our enrollment package then must be filled out and handed back to administration. ** Please note that submitting an application form does not guarantee enrollment at EPA** **If you have any questions regarding our application process, please contact administration at [email protected]**
  • What sets EPA apart from other private schools?
    EPA uses the principals of ABA ( Applied Behavior Analysis) in all our classrooms. ABA is an evidence - based strategy to help students develop their communication skills, language skills, social skills, work habits, motor skills, learning and academic skills. Positive reinforcement is the heart of ABA. At Edelweiss Private Academy we use a token system and verbal praise to reward desired outcomes and goals. Students have two opportunities each day to use their tokens that they have earned for their desired rewards ( Electronics, Wii, playtime or their choice of toys). At Edelweiss we also teach our students how to become good citizens; students who are caring individuals that show kindness and respect to individuals. Our social skills class, that is attended each week, helps the students in their journey of being good citizens. Values Education plays an important role in child development. Our core values at Edelweiss Private Academy are Respect, Responsibility, Collaboration, Persistence, and Inclusivity.
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