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COMING SOON! High School Programming at EPA!

Edelweiss Private Academy, in partnership with TVOilc ( Independent Learning Centre) is excited to announce that senior students will soon be able to take high school credit courses towards acquiring an Ontario Secondary School Diploma ( OSSD) at EPA.

Eligible students will register for courses through TVOilc and our knowledgeable teaching staff will act as learning coaches to help guide and accommodate student learning. The courses through TVOilc are affordable, most costing $40.00 per course for eligible Ontario residents.

To participate, students must be able to demonstrate good independent work habits in a classroom environment and refrain from disruptive behaviours that impede learning.

Registration at EPA will soon be open for students interested in enrolling in high school credit courses for September 2024.


M. Maricic - Acting Principal

H. Wyatt - Vice Principal

** Please note further information about the course will be released a


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