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Feedback From  Families 

Teacher and Pupil

Prior to EPA our child could not cope in the mainstream school. He had daily meltdowns from the stress and struggle of trying to learn, in a system that could not provide the supports or resources he needed to succeed. The negative impact on his mental health, for someone so little and bright, was heartbreaking. It affected the whole family. EPA has been a God-send. You could feel the care and kindness immediately. The small class size, child-centered approach, knowledgeable staff, and belief in the child, enabled our son to like school again. His self esteem has grown considerably, he is happy, he is learning, he has friends, and he feels valued. Thank you EPA.



My son started at EPA since he was 4 years old. He made a lot of progress from the start. He can now sit and follow all instructions which is amazing.

EPA saw all the potential and believed in him. I now believe that my son can learn more and more, too.

Jenny M.

Our son has Asperger's and he has been so happy since he started Grade 2 at Edelweiss Private Academy in September. Public school was a nightmare of suspensions and escalating behavioural issues. I lived beside the phone, waiting for the call from the principal to come and pick him up. He was under so much stress and he was suffering academically and emotionally. 

At Edelweiss, he can be a happy 'normal child'. He knows that there are rules to be followed and the staff is extremely adept at helping him to succeed. He just got his first report card an it was amazing - talk about a proud parent moment! He's come so far in his reading and writing, and he always tells me about the projects he's working on in Science. He's even participating in gym class and interacting with the other kids. Knowing that our son is finally in an environment where he can thrive and be accepted has made a world of difference in both his life and our family's life. 

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Lisa L.

Adam has been at Edelweiss for two years. Before starting at Edelweiss, Adam was several years behind in all academic areas when comparing him to his peers. He is now almost caught up and getting ready to transition to a public school. His comprehension skills have progressed profoundly through Edelweiss’ teaching strategies and thus I’m confident that Adam will have a smooth transition and be able to participate in a typical public school environment.

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Julie B.

Having been ‘discharged’ from a government program, we were told not to bother with ABA. Thankfully, we went against their recommendations and put our child back into ABA and the public school system but soon realized that it wasn’t enough! Luckily enough, we had heard about Edelweiss Private Academy and decided to enroll him there. The teachers and school are fabulous! Along with continued ABA and the school, our child has far exceeded the advice given by former professionals and has learned to work independently, and learned to read, write and do math. It is very reassuring to know that he receives the necessary support to be a success. We will continue to enroll our child for as long as the school is willing to keep our child...currently the school curriculum (which follows the Ministry’s guidelines) goes up until Grade 6. At least after this, we both feel that we will be better equipped to place our child back into the public school system.


Again, a HUGE Thanks to Deb, Jen and the wonderful teachers at EPA for their truly dedicated work!

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